Personal Brand

As part of our studies at the Vancouver Film School, we were challenged with creating a sensible brand package for ourselves. I gave myself two goals for this new Logo, the first was was to stick to my already established visual style, minimal, clean, and maximum contrast possible. The second goal would be to transmit a feel for what it is I do as a visual designer, giving the audience an understanding of what they may expect to see in my work before even seeing it. Even though I dont imagine this to be a conscious thought, the feeling one would get viewing my work after seeing my Logo would not be an unfamiliar or distant “not what I was expecting” feeling.


Being such a varied designer – having a hand in Motion, Graphic, and Web Design – means I had to create a mark for myself that would be easily implemented into any circumstance whether it be on paper, a websites header, or in motion. The Logo needed to be unique, yet as flexible as I am as a Visual Artist. I also knew this logo would have to incorporate some sort of 3D elements, and would have to be possible to construct in 3d space.


After some variations and testing, I ended up creating the entire logo within Cinema 4D, a program I feel more at home in than any other. The Concept was simple, the idea was clear, and the point was bold. Using a 2x2x3 cube and the profile of an ‘L’, I constructed an isometric look at the very shape that defines who I am. Quite fitting for any personal branding if I do say so myself.

Download ALL my Project Files Here. The contents is for your personal education, it is NOT licensed under creative commons or 'free to use' licenses. thank you in advance ;)